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The Opposition Finance Spokesman is inarticulate and dishonest. He recently wrote an article about what he claims is the government's "massive debt burden", using this graph:

The biggest problem with this is obvious. This is what it looks like if we stretch it to be rectangular..

..and cut off the 'projections' which as far as i can find out are basically lies..

Let's have a bit of fun and superimpose CPI (source, chart), to account for inflation:

I'm somehow not terrified. And I don't want to see an Abbott Government with Joyce in charge of spinning the Budget.

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last night, after christmas, i got home in the early evening. later i wanted dinner, but i only had pasta and was sick of making pasta. so i went out. nothing was open - it being christmas - except for a kebab shop - i bought a chicken burger and a lamb pide.

got home, ate the pide, it was tasty, and then i looked at the burger. it was a monstrous thing which smelt strongly of onions. i peeked inside. a solid.. white mass. chicken bits and onion bits in mayonnaise and, somehow, white lettuce. the smell intensified.

i decided i wasn't THAT hungry and now i'll never know what might have been.

Thoughtfully Planned Communities

Today I got a little lost on the way home, and ended up walking through/around a place called The Domain. Added 45 minutes to my journey, but that's not the point. The Point is The Domain. It was a... development, a complex - a "mall" made up of a simulated "downtown" (sidewalks extending only between shops, of course); a restaurant district (upscale chains and CIT graduates, of course); low-rise apartment buildings (far too expensive for anyone who works there to live there, of course); supermarkets with tinted windows.. a true revolution in unaffordability.

This place was big. It existed big, and larger areas were still under construction (some of which I went through). It was a maze of sweltering roads and carparks, crawling with security and valets - because the whole place was valet parking only. Even if you lived there (though anyone who lives there deserves it). It being even slightly after 5 PM, the retail district was abandoned, as its employees had fled with what remained of their souls. There were jewellery stores, fashionable clothing stores, jewellery stores, neiman marcus, badcoffee shops, jewellery/clothing/shoe stores and bookshops so big that the tiny extent of their selection was a true marvel.

I didn't see a single shop selling anything that would be either useful or entertaining.

I was walking through this place, weary and morbidly fascinated by the clientele in their dress shirts and Wednesday shoes and valet-parked SUVs, and naturally I could hardly stop the contempt from boiling over. Sure, the smells coming from the several identical upscale-branded franchisee-owned grill restaurants were appealing, but something about the architecture superbly patterned to fit the Vision of The Domain and fit into its pseudo-olde streets and pseudo-arty lanes and pseudo-downtown ambience and pseudo-Austin creativity didn't appeal to me. They had slogans, actually, everywhere - "The Domain: North Austin". "The Domain: The continuation of Austin". I suspect Austinites disagree.

That was the frame of mind I was in when out the front, between the Expressway and the irrigated dusk-lit minimum-wage-maintained turf, I came across the rules sign. It reiterated the valet parking policy, that The Domain was private property, and that it was illegal to bring or possess blah blah truancy code dress policies.. which you would be expelled for not following, and which included the following:
"Antisocial appearance or clothing deemed gang-related are prohibited, and will be dealt with by private security."

I did see a black guy there, though, one out of the thousands. He was unloading a truck, round the back of Macy's.

everyone's an expert

Come on, listen to yourselves! "Oh, the Iranian election seems dodgy to me"?? You didn't know there was an election until a week ago. You don't know how the Iranian system of government works, the historical reasons behind it, or any of the positions of the candidates!

You - and I mean you - are completely uninformed. You're parroting what you hear in the media, which is itself an incestuous writhe of fifth-hand reporting from primary sources which literally consist of rumours and propaganda. For God's sake don't go and form a foreign policy opinion based on this and if you do then do NOT bloody vote it into power.

Writer's Block: Space Wars

Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, Alien, 2001—there is a long list of movies and TV shows that take place in space. Which is your favorite?

Dark City is very good, Forbidden Planet, Dune; Starship Troopers is good except that everyone misinterprets it. I used to like 2001 but it seems kind of pathetic compared to Solaris, now that I've seen/read that.
in TV, Babylon 5 was ok, so was Star Trek: The Next Generation at times, Blake's Seven is a better version of it,  and like the first half a season of the new Battlestar Galactica (which then proceeds to get worse and worse)

is this posting it to my journal or what. what the heck? oh well, read this if you like.

why is docky part of gnome-do?

they're both good pieces of software, but they just aren't related ;_;
they benefit from common functions for dynamic process and file discovery, but that's what libraries and system caches like Tracker are for. in terms of user interface, being integrated into each other hurts both (mostly Docky, which is the better of the two).